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Payroll Services

Accurate and timely payroll processing and reporting, in full compliance with local regulations and your company’s global corporate policies, requires financial and human resources, professional staff with specialist skills and experience, as well as specialized software. A genuine alternative to processing payroll in-house is to outsource it to a professional provider.Our payroll services include:

  • Devising and implementing a Tax Efficient and Tax Effective Salary Structure for all employees based on Grades, Designation, Hierarchy, etc keeping in view the Policies of the company and the provisions of the Income Tax Act and Rules, Provident Fund and ESI Regulations, Professions Tax Regulations etc.

  • Maintenance of the Payroll / Salary Master of the company including computation and preparation of monthly Salary Statements for disbursements to employees

  • Conducting Salary Audit

  • Obtaining the PAN – Permanent Account Number

  • Tax Planning of Employees

  • Computation of the monthly TDS (withholding tax) to be deducted for each employee based on their respective Salaries and their individual Tax Saving Plan at the commencement of the financial year

  • Preparation and filing of Personal Tax Returns of employees

  • Preparation of the TDS Certificates (Form 16) and issuing the same to all employees detailing the total Tax with held from their salaries

  • Preparation and filing of Quarterly E TDS & Annual E TDS Returns of Salaries paid to the employees and Taxes withheld (Form 24Q )